Developers Day 02/12/2017 by Kariera


Job Description


Developers Day is an OPEN event for ALL Developers around Greece.


In Developers Day, every attendant will have the opportunity to meet:


  1. Companies


  1. Developers


  1. Opportunities


Apply your CV to be part of our Booklet and make yourself approachable to the companies participating.


What’s New:


  1. Dev Learn: Take part in Hands-On training on cutting-edge technologies of 1-hour duration.


  1. Career Consulting by IT Recruiters: Experienced recruiters will be at your disposal to guide you on your following professional steps.


We will keep you posted for the parallel events that will take place on the same day.


The event is scheduled for 02/12/2017 and is starts at 10:00 a.m.


Place: Αθηναΐς Πολυχώρος Πολιτισμού (Map)


Duration: 10:00 – 17:00


More Info about the Event, the Participating Companies and the Agenda you can find here:


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