BI/ CRM Engineer, in IMOVO


At iMovo we specialise in customer experience management (CEM), using business Intelligence (BI), big data analytics and customer relationship management (CRM). Blending innovative technology solutions with a formal advisory approach, we enable organisations to build long-term value relationships with their customers resulting in consistent and profitable growth.

We are looking for an experienced BI / CRM Engineer to join our growing team.

As a BI / CRM Engineer (BCE) with the technology and projects group, you will be responsible for the development, testing and implementation of applications based around the company’s technology stack and for blazing the trail when it comes to applying core development and customisation to the Zendesk platform. You will be proficient in development frameworks and technologies like: .NET, Node JS, Angular, REST API and Zendesk. You will complement your colleagues with strong knowledge of CRM such as Zendesk and Analytics technologies on various customer projects. The BCE will have a very wide breadth of work from small-scale high-impact projects in iGaming all the way up to international enterprise customers especially in our target markets like Italy.

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