Software as a game changer for the greek economy


We live in times in which, due to a deep recession and unprecedented economic decline, the Greek economy has shrunk significantly. Other than the structural changes that will allow the country to enter a new era of growth, and a high level of productivity and innovation, the most important issue for the recovery of the country’s economy is the reduction of unemployment.

According to a study conducted by the Athens University of Economics and Business, HePIS and ALBA College on behalf of the chairman of CEPIS, Mr Byron Nicolaides, the ICT sector constitutes a vital pillar for economic growth – offering the opportunity to create over 500,000 jobs within the next decade, especially in the software development sector.

To address this HePIS, in partnership with PEOPLECERT and SIG, are co-organizing the “Software as a game changer for the Greek economy” event with the view of:

  • Demonstrating the importance of software development in support of Greece’s technological prosperity
  • Contributing to the creation of jobs
  • Attracting investments, and enhancing the competition among Greek businesses


Proposals from experts of international acclaim will be heard during the main event. There will also be case studies from Greece and abroad, talks about fair practice in the Greek market, as well as solutions on software development through interactive presentations

The agenda of the event will be announced shortly.

Suggested Audience

The conference is addressed to ICT policy makers and strives to bring together the key players of the sector, managers (CIOs, IT, Quality and Project managers etc) and practitioners (Software Developers, Sofware Engineers, Web Developers etc).

The workshops

The second part of the Conference is comprised of two workshops which the attendees will be able to avail of by gaining practical knowledge about adopting high quality software practices.

The Practitioner’s Workshop: Developing high-quality software

The Practitioner’s workshop is a hands-on workshop targeted to junior, middle and senior level developers, that will provide education on high quality models with regard to software building. The workshop trainer will present the challenges in software development (maintainability, modifiability, testing) and the ways they can be dealt with through practical examples.

The Manager’s Workshop: Adopting high quality standards on software development

This workshop is designed to help managers formulate a coherent strategy on software development by adopting globally renowned quality standards, and by such ameliorating the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate methodologies.

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